Screening en kadaverbemonstering in plaats van preventief ruimen

In de plaats van preventief ruimen komt een dagelijkse screening en een kadaverbemonstering in een 3 km-zone rond het besmette bedrijf in het pluimveedichte gebied.

Niet meer (standaard) preventief ruimen bij vogelgriep in pluimveedichte gebieden

Het ministerie van LNV heeft het beleid van preventief ruimen van bedrijven bij vogelgriepbesmettingen gewijzigd.

Intrekking ophokplicht in regio 19 en versoepeling verbod bezoek pluimveestallen (30-08-23)

Het ministerie van LNV heeft besloten de ophokplicht met ingang van 31 augustus 2023 ook in regio 19 (De Peel) in te trekken.

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Stichting AVINED heeft als missie om met een efficiënte dienstverlening de huidige duurzame en robuuste marktpositie van de Nederlandse pluimveesector verder te versterken.

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Covid-19: IKB Kip inspections and visits to your farm

29 juni 2020

IKB Kip inspections 


Covid-19 is affecting our daily lives. It is therefore important that we follow local government advice and take account of your health and safety as a participant, as well as that of other visitors to your farm. This is why we informed you by letter about a number of changes to IKB’s working methods. Since 2 April, most IKB inspections have been carried out remotely, e.g. the annual re-inspection.


In several countries, the policy regarding covid-19 is gradually being relaxed, and there is an increasing demand from the field for physical inspections instead of remote ones. That is why, depending on the situation in your country of residence, agreements are being made about carrying out physical inspections or remote checks. These agreements are made in consultation with your Certifying Authority (CA).


A visit to your farm


As an IKB participant, you engage external parties for various activities.


You can help your visitors follow the current local measures. Also consider the following points:


    • Inform your visitors well in advance if you have a cold or a raised temperature.


    • Provide sufficient space in the changing room and break room.


    • Arrange for your on-farm employees and the visitors to work separately as much as possible.



As always, make sure visitors have all they need to wash and disinfect their hands. Also provide a space to spray and clean any materials and vehicles.