Pilot GD: relatie tussen pootproblemen en opname voedingsstoffen?

Is er een relatie tussen pootproblemen en veranderde opname van voedingsstoffen? In een verkennende pilot zocht GD het in opdracht van de pluimveesector (AVINED) uit.

IKB Kip: Annual plan and participants’ contribution 2022 IKB Kip

Annual plan and participants’ contribution 2022 IKB Kip.

IKB Kip: AVINED hygiene scan now also available for you

AVINED has recently renewed the hygiene scan. The scan has also been translated.

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Stichting AVINED heeft als missie om met een efficiënte dienstverlening de huidige duurzame en robuuste marktpositie van de Nederlandse pluimveesector verder te versterken.

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IKB Kip certification scheme

IKB Kip certificatieschema IKB Kip Zertifizierungssytem

Below under “Downloads” you can find the general terms and conditions of IKB Kip and some of the appendixes.

Checklists IKB Kip audit

Helpful checklists have been developed to help you prepare your yearly IKB Kip audit. These lists provide an overview of the documents that you must have present during an IKB Kip audit. This way you are well prepared, you have the right documents at hand, and the audit time can be used more efficiently.


The IKB Kip certification scheme has been translated with the greatest care and accuracy. In the event of any disagreement concerning the correct translation, the content, interpretation and operation of the IKB Kip certification scheme, the Dutch text of the IKB Kip certification scheme takes precedence in all cases. Not all documents have been translated. You can find the rest of the documents on the Dutch version of this website.


Implementation decree short-term further regulations certification scheme 18 december to date
General terms and conditions IKB Kip
1.1 IKB Kip Regulations for hatcheries, abattoirs and cutting plants
1.2 IKB Kip Regulations for poultry farms
1.3 IKB Kip Regulations for main site of a multi-site
2. Certification criteria IKB Kip
3. IKB Kip Dispute resolution regulations
4. IKB Kip Quality mark regulation
5. IKB Kip Accreditation conditions for IKB Kip certifying authorities (only annex 5b)
7. Example agreement on the application of the IKB Kip certification scheme
--Visual representation of the agreement--
8. IKB Kip broiler evaluation system
9. Complaints procedure IKB Kip
10. Description of sample taking IKB Kip
11. IKB Kip Template ahp and atp poultry farms
Sampling HOSOWO
Amendments June 2021