IKB Kip: Amendments to IKB Kip with effect from 1 June 2023

We would like to draw your attention again to the amendments to the IKB Kip certification scheme.

IKB Kip: Use of products

As a food producer, it is critical for your animals and food safety that you use the right products on your farm.

IKB Kip: The importance of showering

IKB Kip attaches great importance to hygiene and biosecurity. Having visitors shower prior to entering the barn is an important part of this.

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Stichting AVINED heeft als missie om met een efficiënte dienstverlening de huidige duurzame en robuuste marktpositie van de Nederlandse pluimveesector verder te versterken.

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Practical tools for participants

Checklists IKB Kip audit

Helpful checklists have been developed to help you prepare your yearly IKB Kip audit. These lists provide an overview of the documents that you must have present during an IKB Kip audit. This way you are well prepared, you have the right documents at hand, and the audit time can be used more efficiently.

Information must be registered for a number of IKB Kip regulations. Below are several example documents that can be used. The examples can be adapted to your business situation. The forms can be printed or kept digitally. Is there anything missing on this page? Let us know via


Hygiene protocol IKB Kip
Hygiene protocol IKB Kip (Word)
Hygiene scan (Excel)
Hygiene scan (PDF)
Legionella Control Protocol IKB Kip
Sample agreement for foreign IKB Kip poultry farmer - veterinarian
Visitors' register IKB Kip
Visitors' register IKB Kip (Word)